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Center of the Universe March 9, 2009

Mike Wants To Be Authentic *CLICK IMAGE* to visit site

Mike Wants To Be Authentic *CLICK IMAGE* to visit site

I’ve always wondered if there was a god. And now I know there is – and it’s me. –Homer Simpson

So it turns out, I’m not the center of the universe.

Turns out you aren’t the center either, but we think we are. If you don’t believe me, read on … Imagine you are late, it is really important, you need to be somewhere. You are going to be late. Arrgh, you have to turn right but you are in the left lane. You put on your signal for a couple of blinks but “Mister I’m the King of the Road” won’t let you over. Can’t he see your blinker? He is obviously oblivious to your plight. You are going to be late! You speed up and cut off the road king and make your quick right. He gestures and you gesture back and continue on to your


appointment. Now imagine you are just coming home after the appointment, your in no real hurry just heading home when someone changes lanes in front of you. It’s not really all that close but, hey, you are driving there. You give them a little blast of the horn so they realize their mistake.

So the deal is we don’t really think of other people. It really doesn’t matter why someone inconveniences us. If the driver cuts us off, the store clerk is rude, the waitress doesn’t give us the service we deserve. We have no idea what each person is going through. I can tell you something absolutely, they are going through something. We are all struggling through life.

Now don’t think I’m here just smacking you around, I act the same way. It’s so easy for me to recognize it in you because I’m the same. I just wonder how better the world would be if we tried to think of others as even remotely as important as ourselves. Let me know what you think. -m

You are really, really, really small.

You are really, really, really small.


One Response to “Center of the Universe”

  1. Kent Brown Says:

    It’s like what Rick Warren wrote in his Purpose Driven Life….first page, first line: “It’s not about you”.

    I agree with that wholeheartedly. It’s just about the only thing in that book that I like.

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