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OPENtable February 17, 2009

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The OPENtable is an opportunity for a small group of people to get together, share so food, and discuss God openly, honestly and without judgement. Not the god that has often been so misrepresented buy people who say they are Christians, but the real God.

The OPENtable: An Invitation to Know God is simply that – an open invitation for discussion about some of life’s greatest questions: what is Christianity, who is Jesus, and how should this affect our lives? Donald Miller best-selling author of books Blue Like Jazz & Searching For God Knows What invites you to join him in a conversation infused with humor, truth, history, and above all, honesty. Whether you have never opened a Bible or if you grew up reciting the Lord’s Prayer, this table is for you.

Click on the link below to check out the OPENtable website and to sign up for updates. It’s cool , you should go … git!

Visit the OPENtable Website

if you are in the North Carolina Triad area (Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point and beyond) and are interested in attending our OPENtable group please message us here or email us at:

Click Here To e-mail us


Also check out the ONE website.

Visit ONE-online. org


Click Here To e-mail us


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